The Challenges of Limited Technology

The Challenges of Limited Technology

Previously, we learned how a lack of resources can hamper our service desk reporting.

Technology is supposed to make business run smoothly, but all help desk managers know that technology can often stand in the way of success.

When the service desk does have access to BI tools, those tools, more often than not, are of little use. The data and reports that are accessible from these tools are out-of-the-box solutions, but every service desk is unique.

If managers cannot set their own parameters for reports, those reports will do nothing to further the mission of the department. If the help desk were to have access to a modern BI system, the limitations of existing platforms would become moot.

A new solution provides a centralized option for reporting that eliminates the need to solicit the help of consultants, vendors, and IT specialists. It connects information from multiple sources and puts that data at the user’s fingertips. These systems are extremely user-friendly.

They do not require advanced coding knowledge or development expertise – anyone with basic computer knowledge can make sense of the tool – turning complicated and virtually useless platforms into a secure, free-flowing stream of information.

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