The Challenge of Limited Resources

In the previous chapter, we talked about how skills gap plays a role in becoming a roadblock of service desk reporting.

Service Desk Managers can often find themselves on the defensive when it comes to resource allocation. They are the first to take the heat whenever there is a disruption in customer service, which means they spend a lot of time speaking to upper management about what’s going wrong.

When it comes time to approach those same executives for more resources, Service Desk Managers are automatically on the defensive, leaving them to enter negotiations from a position of weakness.

However, life at the service desk is not all doom and gloom. When things are running smoothly, leaders won’t always sit up and take notice. Therefore, Service Desk Managers must be able to communicate the success of their team, understand trends over time, weigh workload over time, and allocate scarce resources. When data is fragmented, it can be nearly impossible to build a case for resources.

Everyone knows how a lack of technology affects everything, even in service desk reporting.

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