Subscription Software Fatigue?

Combine the right mix of single and shared licenses to best fit your organization. No subscriptions, pay once and use forever.

Self-hosted, you own and control the software.

Are you a non-profit, government, or education organization?

We offer special pricing to you!
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All plans include

A complete BI platform for your current and future needs.

Unlimited Reports and Dashboards

No limits on the number of dashboards and reports that can be created.

Unlimited Data

No limit on the size of data sources and since your data stays in your database, behind your firewall, no sync or push limits.

Unlimited Guest Viewers

No limits on the number of anonymous viewers for Public View Reports. All licenses include a few Public View Report licenses by default. Need more? Add more for a one-time fee at any time.

Lifetime Community Support

Even if you do not opt for the optional Upgrade and Priority Support for Year 2 or later, you have full access to our community support site (which we actively manage).

No Restrictions on User Roles

Each user can be configured as an Admin, Composer, App Builder, or Viewer.

Scheduled Report Delivery Via Email

Dashboard and report scheduling included for all Users. Sending scheduled reports do not count against your concurrent login sessions available.

Embed and Share Direct Links To Reports and Dashboards

Embed a dashboard or report into another app or share a direct link with security enabled or as a public view document.

Role, Group, and Data-Level Security

Granular permissions to set role and group-based security on reports and dashboards. Ensure that each user sees only the information they are allowed to see.

Auditing and Data Governance

Robust tracking of how users are accessing data and permission tracking.

Mobile Access

No phone apps required. DashboardFox is responsively designed to work on desktop and mobile displays

Multi-Lingual Support

Configure each user to the language (or terminology) of their preference.

First Year Upgrades and Priority Support Included

Priority support and the ability to update DashboardFox to the latest version is included in the first year at no additional cost.

Happiness guaranteed

If you're not happy with DashboardFox, let us know within 30 days and we'll refund your money. No questions, no hassles. Pinky promise.


Have questions? If you don't see your answer below just contact us and we're here to help.

Your pricing levels don't add up, it's cheaper to buy 25 than 13!

You caught that eh? You're right, discounts start to kick in the higher you go, and if you really want to buy just 14, 15, ... 24 licenses and pay more, we'll sell it to you, but it really makes sense to buy the 25 pack and save even more money.

Can I do a trial of DashboardFox before purchasing it?

Yes, you can download a full version for 14 days, if you need more time than that just let us know and we'll extend your trial period. Get started for free here.

What is a Concurrent Session License?

It is the number of your users that can be logged into DashboardFox at exactly the same time. You can create as many user accounts as you like. If you have 3 Concurrent Session Login Licenses, only 3 users can be logged in at the exact same time.

How do I know how many Concurrent Session Login License I need?

Every organization is different. However, oftentimes every organization expects they will need more Licenses than they actually need

Our recommendation is to expect 1 Concurrent Session Login License to support 10 actual users. However, in some organizations, this ratio could be 1:25 or even 1:3. If in doubt, reach out to us about your use case and we can make an informed recommendation.,

The licensing absolutely doesn't work for my use case, even your one-time price is too high for me?

We understand that our pricing doesn't fit all use cases and we're not so big that we say take it or leave it (like other BI vendors). Try our "Make A Deal" option and let's see if we can find a price that works best for your use case.

What happens in Year 2 if I don't purchase the optional Upgrade Add-On and Priority Support Add-On?

DashboardFox will continue to work fine. Everything that you were able to do in Year 1, you can do forever. Without the optional maintenance renewals, you will not be able to upgrade DashboardFox to the latest version. We commit to providing severe and security-critical patches for 24 months regardless of if you have the optional maintenance.

Can I purchase the Upgrade Add-On and not the Priority Support Add-On?

We understand that community support is enough for some companies, especially once DashboardFox has been fully adopted by your team. So you can purchase just the optional Upgrade Protection and not the Priority Support (or vice versa).

What is Priority Support?

Priority Support gives you direct access to our Customer Support team. It includes a service level agreement on response times and includes the ability for our team to schedule a screen share with you to better diagnose and troubleshoot your issue.

How much is the optional Upgrade Add-On and Priority Support Add-On?

The cost is based on the number of initial (and later) licenses that you purchase. Upgrade Add-On and Priority Support Add-On is 18% of your original price with additional discounts for multi-year purchases. You can also purchase Upgrade Protection and Priority Support plans separately for 12% of your original price. Plus, If you purchase additional years at the point of your initial purchase, you get a 30% discount.

What happens if I let the Upgrade Add-On or Priority Support Add-On renewal lapse and want to renew at a later date?

We provide a 60-day window after expiration to renew at the normal renewal rate. After that, you can reinstate maintenance for an additional cost, and it applies retroactively to the initial date of renewal.

Can I add licenses at a later date and how does that affect maintenance renewals?

Yes, you can add additional Concurrent Session Logins Licenses or Public View Document Licenses at any time. Your annual Upgrade Add-On and Priority Support Add-On renewals will be based on the total initial cost of all licenses. Adding a license to an existing server that doesn't have an active Upgrade Add-On does not provide the ability to upgrade to the latest version of DashboardFox.

Do you offer training services?

We provide a lot of self-help resources in our support portal, help documentation, and YouTube channel. However, for organizations that wish to have Instructor-led training, we do offer that via our Professional Services Team. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

What are your payment options?

All payments are one-time and require credit card or wire transfer in our billing portal. If you require invoice by purchase order or check payment options, please contact us so we can assist.

What is your refund policy?

There is a 30-day no questions asked money-back guarantee on all software licenses.

Do you sell to International customers?

We sure do. We have many happy customers all over the world. We accept both credit cards and bank wire transfers as payment methods for International customers.

Do you offer Cloud hosting of DashboardFox?

Yes, we can host DashboardFox for you and provide the administration and maintenance of the Windows Server and DashboardFox. There is a monthly charge for these services. Please contact us to discuss hosting and if it can apply in your use case.

Questions? Let’s talk about your use case and see if DashboardFox is a fit.