Your Developers are Weeks (or Even Months) Behind

Eight: Your Developers are Weeks (or Even Months) Behind
Previously, we discussed about having a pack of wolves on your team can compromise your data and potentially destroy you.

When you employ a small team of developers who must service your entire organization, bottlenecks and backlogs will occur. Reports can arrive days, weeks, or even months behind schedule, causing a ripple effect of inefficiency across the company. This creates added stress on both developers and end users, and breeds resentment and mistrust between departments.

It can be difficult to correct these types of backlogs and bottlenecks. Pulling developers off of other tasks to help the team catch up on reports only creates further backlogs in other areas. It is a vicious cycle that leaves everyone in a constant struggle to keep their heads above water.

When you adopt a new BI dashboard solution, you put the end users in control. They can access and generate their reports when they need them, freeing up developers to focus on other tasks, and keeping all departments running smoothly and efficiently.

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