You’ve Got an Army of Hackers on Your Team

Seven: You've Got an Army of Hackers on Your Team
Previously, we discussed how not getting the types of reports you want or need can break you for real.

Your data is under constant threat of attack from hackers and other ne’er-do-wells. However, you could be employing an army of hackers on your own payroll and you don’t even know it. When developers don’t have time to run reports or if they become frustrated by user requests, they often show employees how to pull information on their own. This workaround alleviates strain on the development team, but creates a very serious data security breach.

Even if you have strict policies in place surrounding database access, users will find a way to get what they need. There’s a hacker living deep down in everyone. When employees are under pressure, they’ll figure out a way to get in, with or without the help of your developers. In order to protect your data and ensure your team members can get information quickly and efficiently without compromising security, you’ll have to graduate to a new BI solution.

With a new BI dashboard, users can access the data they need and require – no more, no less. Each department can reach its own silo of data without compromising any other department’s sensitive information.

In the next chapter, you will realize you need to do something on your business intelligence if your developers are ages behind your scheduled targets.

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