You’re Getting Nickeled and Dimed

Nine: You're Getting Nickeled and Dimed
Previously, you learned that you need a change on your BI when your developers are sinfully behind your target dates.

The intelligence and resorting needs of your business will change over time. If you’re working with an old, legacy BI system, do you know how much it’s going to cost you to make the necessary changes that will allow the system to grow and change with those needs? You’ll likely have to deal with a consultant who will charge you exorbitant hourly fees – and that’s before you ever implement the actual changes.

When it finally comes time to make those changes, you’ll have to pay again. This can leave you feeling shaken down – you either have to pay, or your organization will remain mired down in ineffective processes. Nothing comes for free, of course, but when you’ve invested in a BI solution, that solution should work precisely the way you need it to. It should not involve a long, expensive process that eats away at your bottom line just because your business is growing and changing. If you’re feel like your providers are shaking you down, it’s time to look into a cost-effective, flexible BI solution that adds value, rather than extracts it.

In the last chapter, you will learn that you will never get what you want in your BI game if you don’t know who holds the right data you need.

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