You Never Know Who Has the Right Spreadsheet

Ten: You Never Know Who Has the Right Spreadsheet
Last time, you learned that you need to change and upgrade your BI tools when you are shelling out more and gaining less.

Have you ever gone into a meeting with five other people who have five different versions of the spreadsheet you need to discuss? Without a centralized solution, people will pull data from different sources. Those reports may be outdated, they may be incorrect, and they may be vastly different from another report that utilizes the same parameters. This leads to confusion and inefficiencies.

If you don’t know what it feels like to sit down to a meeting knowing everyone is looking at the exact same report, it’s probably time to upgrade your BI solution. When everyone can pull the same, accurate information, it keeps the team focused on the task at hand. It also prevents the infighting that can occur when different employees are looking at different metrics, each insisting that their own spreadsheet contains the “right” data.

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