The Skills Gap Challenge


Previously, we talked about data security becoming a roadblock for service desk reporting.

When data is dispersed across a variety of databases, platforms, directories and servers, making sense of it all can require highly-specialized knowledge. Those knowledge holders are usually employees of the IT department, rather than the service desk.

Without the development skills to navigate databases, managers are forced to wait for their monthly allocation of reports in order to get a sense of how the desk is operating, leaving them stuck in a break-fix approach to service.

The skills gap can be extremely difficult to overcome, as it would require hiring a developer or other highly-skilled IT pro to be assigned only to the help desk. In a post-recession economy where everyone is forced to do more with less, it can be difficult to make a case for more resources.

If the help desk had access to a BI tool that pulled relevant data into a single, easy-to-use platform, it would eliminate the need for specialized employees for the help desk and would alleviate strain on already-strapped IT resources.

It’s always annoying to not have all the resources you need at work. Little did you know that it’s also becoming a common roadblock for service desk reporting.

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