You Do The “End of the Month Data Hustle”

Two: You Do The "End of the Month Hustle"
Last chapter, you learned about how lacking a business intelligence budget can spell chaos to your company in terms of business intelligence.

The Hustle is a fun dance to do at weddings. It’s not a fun thing to do with reports month in and month out. If someone on your team gets stuck scrambling to compile and distribute reports at the end of each month, they’re doing the End of the Month Hustle.

Many organizations have to pull team members off of core tasks for days at a time to pull and publish reports. This situation almost always leads to backlogs, which just puts everyone further behind. While adopting new technology costs money up front, it can save money over the long term.

A solution like DashboardFox can pay for itself just in the time that it gives back to your team members, not to mention the long-term cost savings you’ll see with improved efficiency and accuracy. Not only that, modern BI solutions give leaders and managers real-time access to data. They no longer have to wait for someone else to hand them information about what’s already happened.

In the next chapter, find out how Excel won’t be having your back all the time.

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