Productivity Best Practice 5: Repeat the Improvement Process

Productivity Best Practice 5: Repeat the Improvement Process

Last time, we talked about how measuring helps you determine the progress of your company’s productivity.

Although many things in life often seem linear, given their definitive beginnings and endings, much eventually proves to also be circular, as will this e-book.
See, the best of the best practices to increase productivity (the linear part, which hopefully points upward) is to continue the cycle of improvement (the harmonious circular part), to constantly be on the lookout for problem areas and make the effort to improve upon them.

The concept of the workplace is in major transition. Technology is responsible, in large part, for this upheaval. Technology itself is changing at so swift a rate now that it seems like devices and programs are inefficient and obsolete almost as soon as they’re released. Yet you will be forced to keep current with them … or be forced out of business — whichever you prefer.

This is why it’s become essential to accept the idea that you will constantly have to monitor what you do, constantly have to think about and rethink how you do things, constantly have to make changes with productivity and improvement in mind. Although this is a cyclical pattern, it’s also linear, thankfully; as you complete each cycle, your productivity continues to ratchet up.

So it’s evolution and revolution at the same time — which is pretty neat, when you think about it.

It is hard work, but it can be exciting. Productivity, like life, is about honoring the journey, not focusing solely on the destination. The tools will keep improving, making all your initiatives easier to accomplish, and as you go along through this cycle of using information to increase your organization’s productivity, just as would be the case with any other art, you’ll personally get better and better at it — perhaps someday even mastering this practice.

And once you’ve done that? Well, you and your organization will likely find yourselves on solid ground for years to come.

In Conclusion

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