5 Productivity Strategies to Transform Your Business

5 Productivity Strategies to Transform Your Business

While there are countless examples of the dramatic difference taking action on data can make within an organization, one of the more popular ones is UPS’ right-hand turn policy. The story goes roughly like this: Seeking to become a more environmentally friendly business, UPS took a look at its CO2 emissions data to see where it stood. Not satisfied with its numbers, the company decided it was time to make a change.

Rather than let trucks idle in left-hand turn lanes, emitting fumes, drivers would instead be required to make as many right-hand turns as possible to reach their locations, since wait times to make right turns were always shorter comparatively. Sure enough, this seemingly small change led the company to reduce its CO2 output and achieve its goal of being “greener.”

But this single change proved to impact the organization in a couple more significant ways, too. Thanks to this new procedure, UPS not only reduced its emissions by several thousand metric tons, but it also managed to save millions in fuel costs and reduce driving distances and times. In short, it had become a more productive organization as well.

Whether you’re seeking to achieve specific initiatives like “going green,” wanting to differentiate your organization from the competition, or simply looking to make a bit more money, optimizing your business is the key.

And in today’s world, that optimization depends upon synergy between data and improved processes. For increased efficiencies, reduced costs and greater profits, look no further than these five productivity best practices, which explain exactly how you can leverage your data to create and implement the kind of business processes that can truly transform your organization.

Let this guide help you in transforming your business from traditional and conservative to dynamic and modern. We will share to you five effective productivity strategies that are not only sure to be working but are also important in stepping your business up.

We know you’re excited, so let’s dive right in.

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