Top 6 Reasons To Look For An Alternative To Domo

DashboardFox - Alternative to Domo

Domo is a business intelligence (BI) tool that has become increasingly popular over the last few years. As a cloud-based operating system, it is a great product for users who are willing to be fully integrated into the Domo cloud and are looking for a mobile solution.

Domo is not a newcomer anymore, and has an impressive technical pedigree. When first launched in 2010, the company had some big-name investors including Marc Benioff of Salesforce. Since that time, Domo has received several venture capital infusions to the tune of almost $715 million and went public in June 2018.

While Domo is a great product, there are many business intelligence tools out there, and some of them may be a better fit for users whose needs don’t exactly fit the Domo model.

A few of the things we’ve learned about Domo from customers who have either used them or gone through the research process with them lead us to caution potential customers about a couple of issues.

We present this with the caveat that it’s information we’ve heard from a few people, and those few anecdotal cases don’t necessarily make a trend. However, it’s something to keep in mind.

6 Reasons Users Look For An Alternative To Domo

We can’t show you this information anymore,  read why here – Domo Sent Us A Cease and Desist Letter.

Domo Sent Us A Cease and Desist Letter

DashboardFox is an alternative to Domo

DashboardFox doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of Domo, but it most certainly is exponentially less expensive.

But we don’t want to sell our features short. DashboardFox out of the box provides many features that Domo considers enterprise, data-level security as an example.

DashboardFox vs Domo is a little bit of apples to oranges comparison. While both are in the dashboard and business intelligence space, there are drastic differences in the approach.

  • Domo is Cloud first and cloud-only. DashboardFox is self-hosted first, with a managed hosting option for those who want cloud-only.
  • Domo pulls all your data into their 3rd party data storage and charges based on size. DashboardFox keeps your data tucked away securely in your own database, and provides real-time dashboards and reports.
  • Domo is a subscription software. DashboardFox is a one-time fee, no-subscription software (and affordable).
  • Domo integrates with a lot of different data sources, both Cloud, on-premise. DashboardFox currently only supports databases and importing spreadsheets and CSV files. But stay tuned, we’re in the process of supporting direct API feeds (can you say game-changer).
  • Domo has a beautiful interface with lots of cool visualization features. We think DashboardFox looks pretty good, but we’ll concede, we don’t have as much sizzle on the front-end, but giving the average small business what they need to have enterprise quality dashboards and reports at a fraction of the cost, we call that hot! ????

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Let’s talk. It’s the best way for you to learn more about DashboardFox and for us to give you an honest opinion if we’re a good fit or not. As a small business, we don’t try to oversell or promise, we want customers where they are happy and successful, right away. So it’s in our best interest to give you the honest truth.

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