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Are you in the market for a new business intelligence tool? One possible option is ClicData, a BI dashboard app that offers reporting and visualization capabilities. While ClicData might seem like the perfect fit for your use case, this platform does have its cons in addition to its pros.

We’ve put together a guide to understanding the advantages and disadvantages of using ClicData for data analytics, so you can make a more informed decision.

In this review of ClicData, we’ll break down a few of the pros and cons of ClicData, as well as our ultimate bottom line on the product as a whole.

What is ClicData?

ClicData is a type of Business Intelligence software that makes data analysis a little bit simpler and allows business managers to make more informed decisions about their data. It is primarily intended for usage by small businesses and startups and allows end users to build reports and dashboards.

Users may connect to data stored on-premise and in the cloud using ClicData’s user-friendly drag-and-drop interface. Data gathered from a wide range of sources, such as Google Analytics, Salesforce, MySQL, and more, may be analyzed by users. Users may build dashboards using ClicData, which supports data processing operations, including data history management, automatic merging, and data transformation. As a result, businesses can consolidate and manage their data.

Collaboration is another feature of ClicData. Through its interface, users may publish their customized dashboards and embed those dashboards in the websites of other Web apps. They can also transmit or share reports and dashboards with teams. Anyone can also use a laptop, tablet, or smartphone to view dashboards and reports.

ClicData serves as a data warehouse, allowing you to concentrate and save all important data from many platforms in one place. The program also enables you to transform your data into useful information. Additionally, you may create and maintain data uniformity and consistency throughout your data warehouse. The data management tools in the program make all of these possible.

You have three options for manipulating your data with ClicData’s data management capability: combining or merging, cleaning, and transforming. Data cleaning refers to standardizing and normalizing data as you are ready to see and use it in dashboards.

For instance, the solution fills in the blank fields and eliminates extra spaces between text inputs to normalize the data. Data having various values but conveying the same meaning are merged to create a single value to standardize that data.

You may also combine data from many sources into one table using ClicData. The name of this feature is Data Merge. You may, for instance, combine your current sales figure with your goals. Thanks to this merger, you may quickly compare and verify sales versus your sales objectives.

The Pros of ClicData

ClicData has some standout benefits that are worth mentioning:

  • With ClicData’s business intelligence dashboard, it is reasonable for generating insightful reports and improving data-driven decisions.
  • People may connect data from over 250 sources to a cloud data warehouse.
  • Customizable automated updates enable customers to leverage report-sharing features to alert their employees on desktop and mobile devices.
  • Users get access to the whole range of data, from various platforms, data sources, and formats, in batches or in real time.
  • Users may combine and integrate their data using ClicData’s drag-and-drop normalization and computed column functions.
  • It displays indications on the screen.
  • The application procedure is relatively quick and straightforward.
  • Users may publish dashboards and automate data refreshes.
  • Users can include live dashboards in software, websites, and portals.
  • KPMG has audited ClicData’s hosting following SSAE 16, and ISAE 3402too receive SOC 1, SOC 2, and ISO 27001 certifications.
  • The platform offers a free trial.

The Cons

Unfortunately, ClicData does have its downfalls:

  • It’s expensive for what you get with the software. Anyone can find the lowest price with the Personal plan at $73 per month, paid annually. Businesses can expect to pay as much as $525 per month, and enterprise-level businesses will have to work out a quote with ClicData.
  • There is no free or freemium plan, just a subscription and a free trial.
  • Forecasting is not available.
  • The learning curve can be pretty steep when using this software begins.
  • According to online customer reviews, ClicData’s knowledge base is limited and vague in many scenarios.
  • Queries are limited, thus limiting overall dashboard capabilities.
  • Reviewers have noted a lack of templates.
  • Editing in the database is unavailable, resulting in a lack of a rollback option that can be a severe problem.
  • Dashboard customization is extremely difficult for non-developers, which results in more work for the admin.
  • If you use a lot of filters, the system’s overall speed may not be up to par.
  • There are a lot of features within ClicData, which can be a pro and a con at the same time. It could become tedious to tweak and explore the platform’s functions, especially if you need something functional.
  • Some reviewers have complained about lackluster language translations.
  • Aligning elements isn’t possible.
  • Self-hosting and white-label embedding require enterprise pricing. A few UX features are missing, such as label visibility and easy-to-search documents and videos for training.

Bottom Line – Is ClicData Worth It?

Overall, ClicData can be a decent tool for data importing and reporting. However, the cons are pretty glaring in the context of data analytics. The price, the lack of knowledge base, the lack of forecasting capabilities, and the steep learning curve could result in more hassle than most IT teams want to deal with.

As we say, while a tool may be perfect for some organizations, it’s not for everyone. We always encourage research and ideally a trial/proof of concept to find the right BI tool for your organization.

How Can DashboardFox Help?

DashboardFox is an alternate BI tool to ClicData and, in many cases, can be a less expensive choice and meet more of your requirements.

With DashboardFox, you don’t have to worry about learning curves or the speed of the service. We offer many features that ClicData considers enterprise, allatn a one-time affordable price (not an annual subscription).

With its codeless reporting, anyone can use DashboardFox, even if they know little about computer programming languages or IT jargon. It’s user-friendly, and we’re proud of it.

And with dynamic data-level security, you can share, schedule, and embed dashboards and reports to any audience while maintaining security.

DashboardFox lets you connect to any modern database and most API endpoints, so you can create a central, holistic, view of all your information.

And as we mentioned above, it’s not a subscription payment: pay once and use it forever. It can save thousands of dollars over the lifetime of your dashboard and report needs.

This is the end of our sales talk, and now is the start of taking some action. Book a live demo session for free, or sit down with us through a meeting so that we can help you with your journey. We’ll be waiting as always!

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