Dundas BI was Acquired, what are the top Dundas alternatives (5 + 1 Bonus)?

DashboardFox - Alternative To Dundas BI

Dundas Data Visualization, a Toronto-based provider of corporate intelligence and data visualization solutions, has just been purchased by InsightSoftware, an international provider of reporting, analytics, and performance management solutions. This transaction, according to the acquiring company, was undertaken to speed up innovation for InsightSoftware’s expanding portfolio of embedded analytics products.

A customizable, end-to-end BI platform, the Dundas BI solution enables software developers to alter dashboards, reports, and visualizations. It was created with integration with several data sources to function as a one-stop shop for self-service analytics.

Dundas BI’s open design makes it simple for software developers to create, enhance, and integrate white-label data analytics applications. By utilizing the Dundas platform, InsightSoftware intends to improve its current products, particularly by integrating a powerful extract, convert, and load engine and pixel-perfect reporting.

As of August 2022, InsightsSoftware has purchased at least four players in the business intelligence Industry. These include Izenda, Logi Analytics, Exago BI, and now Dundas.

The trend of acquisitions could make one wonder what they are doing. Just as well, it would make no sense to keep all of the competing products as separate entities, and it would be very difficult to integrate the technologies under a single platform.

So why exactly is InsightsSoftware acquiring all of these platforms? Are they just grabbing revenue from established vendors and looking to keep the maintenance stream on life support, meaning that they would collect the renewal money each year but put very little into improving and overall support of the products? We can’t know for sure.

However, if the trend of acquisitions has you concerned, don’t worry. We put together a list of six top-notch alternatives to Dundas that are tried and true for business intelligence.

Top 5 (+1) Alternatives to Dundas

Microsoft Power BI

Microsoft Power BI is a web-based package of corporate analytics tools that excels in data visualization. It contains brand-new connections that let you step up your marketing game and allows users to spot patterns in real-time Microsoft Power BI may be accessible from almost anywhere because it is web-based. Users of this program may also give reports and real-time dashboards, as well as integrate their apps.

This application does have its downfalls, including poor handling of complex tables and the overall configuration of visuals.


Data analysis from a range of data sources and destinations is possible with the help of the user-friendly, open-source business intelligence application known as Metabase. It also has a quick and easy setup procedure.

Without the usage of SQL, it has excellent data visualization capabilities that can be demonstrated in a form that is user-friendly. You may exchange inquiries, automatic reports, and live dashboards with the rest of your team with ease using Metabase.

Anyone may rapidly install the good, well-liked open-source BI program Metabase in their local environment to start up a basic BI system. Live dashboards, automatic reports, and business inquiries may all be shared throughout the organization using Metabase.

Its remarkable data visualization skills may be demonstrated in a user-friendly manner without the usage of SQL. But the choice is there for individuals who feel confident using SQL. Metabase has a few disadvantages to consider, such as an overall lack of key BI features and a tendency to crash often.


Real-time progress analytics are provided by the business intelligence platform GoodData, which is housed in the cloud. Users from all departments will have access to vital information through their integrated suite of tools and apps, providing visibility into sales, marketing, social media, and customer support initiatives.

GoodData provides immediate access to ad-hoc reporting and extracts insight from merged data points. Through Amazon AWS and OpenStack, they may give customers the option of a private or public cloud.

Businesses may easily integrate GoodData into brand-new or current apps. Companies may use this to tailor data to fit their brand. As well as reporting on sales, marketing, customer support, box collaboration, and user disposition, GoodData also provides a few tools that do trending, waterfall, conversion, cohort, and segmentation studies.

Additionally, GoodData provides training, consultation, and data loading. For enterprise-level enterprises, cloud service providers, media agencies, and systems integrators, it is appropriate for business leaders, analysts, and development teams. While GoodData is useful, it does have some drawbacks to consider– including a lack of integrations for API data sources and a lack of real-time data access.


Sisense is an easy-to-use business intelligence and data analytics platform that enables anybody within your organization to handle sizable and complicated datasets as well as analyze and visualize this data without involving your IT department.

Additionally, it enables you to combine data from many other sources, such as Adwords, Google Analytics, and Salesforce. Not to add, compared to other tools, data is processed rather rapidly because it employs in-chip technology.

Even prominent industry experts like Gartner and G2 have acknowledged this platform as a top cloud analytics platform. Keep in mind that while Sisense is useful, customers have reported having to republish dashboards for any and all edits or changes.


For quickly creating very interactive guided analytics apps and dashboards that provide insight to address business issues, use QlikView, a traditional analytics solution from Qlik. The introduction of QlikView and the revolutionary Associative Engine upon which it is based marked the beginning of the contemporary analytics age.

With its easy visual discovery and tens of thousands of customers, QlikView revolutionized the way businesses utilize data and gave more people access to business intelligence than ever before.

With the help of QlikView’s Associative Data Indexing Engine, the program allows users to discover data insights and linkages from a variety of sources. For sharing insights, QlikView offers collaborative analytics, guided exploration, and discovery. Keep in mind that QlikView does have some pain points, including a lack of real-time data analysis and a relatively low RAM limit.

The +1 Alternative to Dundas BI, Dashboardfox

We have shown you five of the best alternatives should you want to switch from Dundas, but we saved the best for last. Just like proud parents, we introduce you to our baby, DashboardFox.

Now, what can DashboardFox do that the others cannot?

Answer: DashboardFox can do what the others can do – without drilling a hole in your pockets.

For one, DashboardFox enables you to present your data in an easy-to-understand manner thanks to its data visualization capabilities. From the name itself, it allows you to create interactive dashboards where you can see various points of progress for your business. This allows you to monitor your business’s growth and progress to see if you are on the right path.

Not only that, it allows you to present data in such a way that you do not need any programming language proficiency just to use DashboardFox. No SQL, No Dax, No C++? No Java? No problem! DashboardFox is created with business people in mind – those who want to run their businesses seamlessly without worrying about what JSON means or something similar.

Not to mention, DashboardFox’s pricing is one for the books — no more subscriptions to maintain! You only need to pay once, and that’s it / no hidden charges and no additional costs. What we ask you is the only thing we will ask you to pay.

This is where we end our sales talk and let’s make the magic happen. Reach out to us through a meeting or book a live demo session for free to see what DashboardFox can bring to the table.

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