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ServiceNow is recognized as a leading enterprise IT Cloud company that offers a variety of Cloud-based products to help automate and manage IT service relationships. While ServiceNow is a powerful tool, it leaves some customers wanting more. That’s where DashboardFox for ServiceNow comes into play.

Offering a variety of reports and dashboards designed specifically for ServiceNow, Dashboardfox for ServiceNow allows organizations to link their on-premise and cloud-based data so they can easily spot trends, perform data discoveries and create reports based on all their business applications- whether their data resides in the Cloud or on-premise. By leveraging DashboardFox for ServiceNow, decision-makers at all levels are better equipped to make fast, fact-based, real-time decisions that help their department or organization achieve its goals.

If you’re a ServiceNow customer, read on to discover how DashboardFox for ServiceNow may benefit your organization.

Strengths of ServiceNow

ServiceNow is honored as one of the fastest-growing Cloud-based service desk providers, and due to its strong focus on developing Cloud-based solutions, it’s often considered an industry disrupter. ServiceNow has more than 9,000 employees and nearly 4,000 customers worldwide. Its strengths include:

  • Developed by a strong company with a history of success.

    ServiceNow enjoys a history of success and its products are well respected within the IT industry. ServiceNow is a leading provider of IT service management software; as such, a number of organizations (especially those in the IT arena) rely on ServiceNow for the automation and management of essential help desk functions.

  • Responsive to customers changing needs.

    ServiceNow has proven to be responsive to its customers’ needs. When ServiceNow customers expressed a desire for enhanced dashboard and reporting tools, ServiceNow gave it to them. Last year, ServiceNow purchased Mirror42, a successful cloud-based IT and business intelligence tool provider. The acquisition added a great deal of value to the ServiceNow platform. Mirror42 was rebranded as ServiceNow Performance Analytics, a Cloud-based business intelligence application specifically created for reporting and analyzing data within ServiceNow.

  • Good dashboard and reports tools within ServiceNow.

    There’s no doubt ServiceNow understands the value of dashboards and reports. Out of the box, ServiceNow provides users with robust dashboard and reporting tools for data that’s stored within ServiceNow.

  • Solid technical support.

    ServiceNow’s technical support team is U.S. based and enjoys positive reviews for its responsiveness, friendliness and extensive knowledge.

How DashboardFox Enhances ServiceNow

ServiceNow is a robust product that offers a number of features, but it does fall short in a few areas. Leveraging Yurbi, organizations can overcome common ServiceNow challenges, such as:

  • Difficult to achieve a holistic view.

    In many organizations, the Service Desk is just one component of many, such as ERP, HR, inventory systems and more. But because ServiceNow doesn’t give users a solution for integrating reports between ServiceNow and other systems, achieving a holistic view of an organization’s performance is cumbersome at best. In fact, because ServiceNow is a Cloud-based product there’s no direct access to the ServiceNow database. It takes a developer to access the data by leveraging an API or using the ODBC connector ServiceNow provides based on their API. DashboardFox makes it easy for users to integrate data from multiple data sources and achieve a holistic, executive style dashboard– all without developer expertise.

  • Limited customization and no embedding ability.

    ServiceNow gives users the power to build custom reports inside of ServiceNow, but there’s a limit to the customization that they can accomplish. Furthermore, the reports can’t be taken outside of ServiceNow. For example, an organization can’t brand a report with their logo and colors and embed it into their application for their customers to use. To take a report outside of ServiceNow an organization must leverage another solution, such as DashboardFox.

  • Licensing can be cost-prohibitive.

    ServiceNow’s licensing cost can add up quickly, diminishing ROI and possibly rendering the solution cost-prohibitive. That’s because every user that needs access to the reports and dashboards stored in ServiceNow must have a license. Likewise, to share ServiceNow data with customers, vendors, partners, and stakeholders, an organization will either have to buy a license for each recipient or have a developer leverage the API, extract the data pertinent to each recipient, and put it into an appropriate format. In addition to being time-consuming and expensive, this approach makes data vulnerable to “security holes” – as the developer is relied on to ensure security protocols are adhered to for each recipient. With DashboardFox, an organization only needs to invest in one license. That license gives them connectivity to ServiceNow and from there they can share ServiceNow data, as well as data integrated with ServiceNow, with any number of users- without the need to leverage an API or buy additional licenses. Moreover, DashboardFox offers field-level security– so ServiceNow data, dashboards and reports can be shared securely with all stakeholders.

Integrating DashboardFox with ServiceNow not only enhances its strengths, but it also helps organizations overcome common ServiceNow challenges, such as achieving a holistic view of performance, advanced customization, and the ability to embed branded reports into their own application. Furthermore, leveraging DashboardFox with ServiceNow can significantly reduce licensing costs.

If you’d like to find out more about how Yurbi integrates with ServiceNow to provide robust dashboards, reporting, and data discovery without the complexity of scripting, SQL coding, long projects, or big budgets, we encourage to learn more about DashboardFox or arrange for a demo for you and your team.

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