Provide all of your stakeholders a holistic view of service management, quickly and affordably.

Powerful integration

DashboardFox Premium App for ServiceNow lets you integrate your Cloud-based data and the data in your own datacenter seamlessly. The result is a comprehensive, consolidated view of all your data sources.

Share information

There are times you need to securely share ServiceNow information with partners, customers and vendors who don’t have a ServiceNow login. Yurbi makes it possible. With Yurbi you can provide your extended network with access to important information, and do so for minimal cost.

Affordable, powerful reporting

By leveraging DashboardFox your entire team can enjoy access to powerful reporting tools without the cost of pricey report licenses. Extend ServiceNow data via dashboards, reports, and scheduled notifications without breaking the bank.

Customer Success

Our Customer Success team is your virtual partner, standing by to help you leverage Yurbi and discover meaningful insights.

Realize greater value

DashboardFox Premium App supports: ServiceNow ODBC driver. Find out more about how the Yurbi Premium App can help you reduce costs and increase the value of ServiceNow; by contacting us

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