You're being asked to do more with less. With Yurbi you can.

Installs on your servers in less than 15 minutes

DashboardFox is a 100% on-premise web-based solution that installs on your servers in less than 15 minutes and is refreshingly trouble-free to maintain. Give your end users secure access via smartphones, tablets, or desktops with no plug-ins or client installs needed.

No more SQL query writing

DashboardFox's codeless report building process means IT can provide an affordable, faster way for end users to get the reports they need. Meanwhile, IT talent can be re-deployed to higher priority tasks.

Self-service features give power to the end user

DashboardFox offers a wealth of self-service features, including dashboard, ad-hoc reporting and scheduling. In short, DashboardFox gives end-users the power to access and leverage the real-time data they need to make fact based business decisions.

Multiple levels of user and data security

DashboardFox takes an innovative approach to data security. In addition to full auditing and data governance, DashboardFox includes centralized multilevel security: access, role based and field level. And once user roles and permissions are applied, they’re enforced throughout the entire DashboardFox platform. No scripting or programming required.

Customer Success

Our goal at 5000fish is to make your life easier, and that starts with respecting your time. When you reach out our Customer Success team you won’t get passed around, asked for trivial information, or face language barriers that eat up your time. We’ll get you the help you need as quickly as possible- so you can get back to business.

Contact us and let's discuss more about your use case

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