Bonus Material: Making The Case For A New BI Solution For Your Help Desk

Making the case for a new BI dashboard can be an uphill battle if you aren’t armed with
the right information. To get your leaders to buy-in you must:

  1. Conduct a trend analysis of data to showcase results.
  2. Look for savings, real-cost allocations, etc.
  3. Understand precisely how stale data affects efficiency and processes and illustrate how fresh
    data can bridge critical gaps.
  4. Outline the time and cost savings that end-user reporting capabilities will show.

Some examples include:

  • Less Strain on IT department, allowing them to focus on core competencies
  • Consistent reporting
  • Accurate reporting
  • Real-time trendspotting of customer issues
  • Long-term trendspotting for better planning and resource allocation
  • Improved SLA metrics

And lastly, request a demo of a BI dashboard like DashboardFox. The team at 5000fish can show leadership precisely how the solution functions, virtually making your case for you.

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