The Challenge of Help Desk Data Silos


Service Management goes far beyond the service desk, but most help desk teams cannot access any of their own data. Those who can, have access to the service-desk data only. It is the vendors that decide what users can see, which leaves desk managers with only a small piece of the puzzle.

For example, off-the-shelf reports on legacy systems might indicate that the help desk is hitting 98 percent of SLAs, but that’s all. Those reports won’t give insight into why the desk is missing that last two percent.

Modern BI dashboards can create a bridge between help desk software and other critical databases to give the service desk a big picture view of the current (and future) landscape.

Rather than receiving weekly or monthly PDF reports of old data that no one actually utilizes, users can run their own reports, in real-time, allowing them to make critical decisions as issues arise, rather than attempting to retroactively correct problems.

Everyone prioritizes data security because it can be a major cause of concern when it gets breached.

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