You Have No Idea How Old Your Data Is

Five: You Have No Idea How Old Your Data Is

Previously, we talked about how useless data can send you over the edge in a snap.

Legacy solutions must pull from a data warehouse or export data into Excel; processes that utilize old information. Just how old is that information? It depends. It might be one week old, it might be one month old, or even older. Stale data is of little use when it comes to spotting trends or making critical decisions. In today’s business environment, you must have access to current data in real time.

There was a time when all companies were in the same boat. Everyone used stale data. However, there was also a time when computers were the size of tractor trailers. Your company doesn’t use punch-card computing anymore, so why would you settle for legacy BI solutions that generate old data?

Stale reports cannot give you and your team the insight you need to make critical business decisions quickly and efficiently. If your competitors are able to utilize fresh data, they’ll be even farther ahead of you by the time you get your monthly reports. In order to stay nimble, you must have access to efficient BI solutions.

In the next chapter, find out why not getting the reports you need or want is a clear sign that you should spend money on your business intelligence solutions.

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