Next Steps – Avoid The Common Mistakes When Buying BI Software

Next Steps - Avoid The Common Mistakes When Buying BI Software

Executives commit these mistakes because they fall prey to the marketing buzz (in many cases, hype) that BI vendors tend to push. High pressured sales pitches, fast-moving demos, emails with lots of case studies showing amazing results. It’s easy to think going with the vendor that everyone else seems to be using is the smart move, and the best for your team.

But in reality, doing the due diligence discussed in this guide can help you not make the mistakes that many BI buyers make. We say common because we see how often people are looking for a new solution, not long after spending a lot of money on one that didn’t work for their team.

Now that you are able to understand everything that you should know (and hopefully avoid), you must choose a BI software that can accommodate your company’s needs in data processing and running the company with the data gathered.

How Can DashboardFox Help?

We know how expensive business intelligence software and other solutions can be, so we do not want to see you waste money on something you will not be able to use in the end. Thus, DashboardFox allows you to avoid these mistakes with our comprehensive and user-friendly programs for your business intelligence needs.

We’re sorry in advance, but here comes the much-needed sales pitch to push our amazing BI platform to your table.

DashboardFox is affordable. Other BI tools are not only expensive, but require you to re-pay the same amount each year just to keep using them (i.e. annual subscriptions). DashboardFox is a one-time fee. You pay once, and you own the software, you can use it as long as you like. We do have maintenance fees, so you can keep getting our latest version, but it’s a fraction of the initial cost, in the long run, DashboardFox will save a lot of money.

As a smaller BI software vendor, you also get the VIP treatment from our team. It can be hard to get your voice heard (and your concerns addressed) when you’re working with a billion dollar huge software company. With DashboardFox, you get quick support and most of our new features come from the feedback of our customers. So, when you need something, we do our best to deliver it.

If you want to know more about DashboardFox and what else we can offer, contact us or better yet, book a free live demo. Don’t worry, you won’t be getting a high-pressured sales pitch or bombarded with a million sales emails.

You’ll get a technical expert to discuss your requirements and see if DashboardFox is the right fit for your team.

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Questions? Let’s talk about your use case and see if DashboardFox is a fit.