Designed for business users

You don't need to be a database administrator or SQL code genius to create interactive reports in DashboardFox.

The point and click interface allows non-technical users to quickly build powerful datasets and convert them into multiple visualization types.

Blend data from multiple sources

DashboardFox allows you to build a combined dataset from one or more data sources.

Apply formulas and build visualizations from multiple data sources in real-time without having to build a data warehouse.

Create reports without writing SQL code

Users do not have any direct access to your databases, need no knowledge of your database schema, and can never directly write SQL code against your database.

That just made both the report writers and the IT security team happy.

Easy with no sacrifice in security

Even though a user can do live querying of a database doesn't mean they can see everything in the database.

DashboardFox dynamically alters the database query based on the data-level permissions applied to the composer.

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