Share data with the world

Security is important, but not always. Sometimes you want to share performance metrics and lists of data to a broader audience.

With Public Documents you can embed reports or dashboards on your public-facing website or inside an internal application for those who need to see it. No logins to DashboardFox are needed to view Public Documents.

A central place for anonymous viewing

If you like our Shared Documents feature you can make that available to guest users in order to access your team's Public Documents.

Users can search and find reports organized by folders/sub-folder hierarchy and take quick actions such as running, exporting, or sharing documents.

Share with external stakeholders

Direct hyperlinks to a Public Document can be created and shared with anyone who needs access to the data.

Great for sharing live datasets, dashboards, and reports to customers or partners. Just remember, anyone with the link can view the data, so if the data being exposed would trigger a media event, you are better to create them a secure login so you can have DashboardFox protect the data.

Easy to manage and control

The composer or admin user roles can assign and de-allocate Public Document licenses as needed.

For each concurrent session license you purchase you get a set of Public Document licenses and you can purchase more via add-on (pay once, yours for life).

Contact us and let's discuss more about your use case

Questions? Let’s talk about your use case and see if DashboardFox is a fit.