Put your logo front and center

We love the DashboardFox logo but we actually want you to replace it with yours.

We find that users adopt software better when it looks like their company's branding so we're happy to just serve the data and take a backseat when it comes to branding.

It's on your domain not ours

DashboardFox is installed on your server, so you have full control of the web address and full ability to make your powerful new reporting system open both on your internal network and to your remote users.

We recommend amazingreports.yourcompany.com but you can go with a safe choice like dashboards or reports.yourcompany.com.

Customize the features and colors

Want to remove a feature to make the interface even simpler? Or update the default color scheme of our charts? What about adding in a chat widget to support your end users?

DashboardFox provides you a safe area to put any custom Javascript or custom CSS to alter the functioning or appearance of our default interface (and you won't have to worry about us overwriting your customizations when you upgrade).

Apply a global header and footer to PDF exports

DashboardFox is not for creating pixel-perfect report layouts, but we do allow you to add logos, report names, dates, and text to apply to a PDF when you export or schedule.

If you did want those pixel-perfect reports you could use our API to get XML/JSON datasets to bind with any developed code you wanted, but reach out to us for more on that.

Let's Discuss Your Requirements

Questions? Let’s talk about your use case and see if DashboardFox is a fit.