Robust security

DashboardFox has multiple levels of security to protect your data, access control, role-based, group-based, and data-level.

Uniquely determine exactly what data sources users have access to, what specific document folders and documents and permissions (view, modify, delete), what roles they have (viewer, composer, app builder, admin), and how much data they can see within a document.

Data-level security enforced

DashboardFox was built from the ground up with the focus that if we were making data access easier for users, we also had to make data protection easier for admins.

Configure data-level security policies and apply them to individual users or groups of users. No matter what they do in DashboardFox, they will only see the data they are allowed to see.

Audit and Data Governance

In the old days, you would create a report and toss it over the fence and hope users leverage it.

With DashboardFox we collect audit data so you can data mine exactly how the system is being used. Know who's using it, what reports are being run, and even if users are printing or exporting your data. We give you a pre-built App to tap into the audit tables to monitor your BI system and take proactive steps to drive user adoption.

Microsoft Windows or pin-based authentication

DashboardFox users can log in via a secure PIN or if your organization uses Microsoft Active Directory, they can leverage their network login.

This makes it easy to setup pass-through authentication for your internal users on Active Directory and for your external customers or partners, give them a PIN to access the documents and data they should see.

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