No app needed, just start your browser

You don't have to search the Google Play or Apple App Store for a DashboardFox app to see your dashboards and reports.

Simply open the browser on your smartphone or tablet and connect your DashboardFox server. Dashboards and reports on the go!

Stop designing dashboards and reports to look right on mobile

DashboardFox's interface is responsively designed. That's a technical term that basically means, we respond to whatever screen size you give us to display your data correctly.

Dashboards and reports that you build on your desktop will display properly on smartphones and tablets.

Security is still enforced

We highly recommend you apply an SSL certificate on your DashboardFox server to encrypt all traffic from your mobile device to the server but other than that you don't have to worry about data security.

The same login you use to log into your desktop, you use to log into your mobile device. And all the same data level security constraints follow you there as well, sorry no getting away from them.

Viewing on phones, building on tablets

Even the DashboardFox has limits on what is possible on small screens.

From a smartphone screen users will be able to view dashboards and reports, as well as exporting reports to your email from the library. Tablets have the full interface and can compose new documents or even do administration tasks.

Contact us and let's discuss more about your use case

Questions? Let’s talk about your use case and see if DashboardFox is a fit.