Single view of data

DashboardFox queries one or more data sources in real-time to bring you the latest information, right at your fingertips.

Convert raw data into business insights through configurable KPI displays, Charts, Treemaps and Data Grids.

Powerful filters and views

Distribute a set of saved views that users can use to view data in real-time by one or more filters.

Users can create their own filters and saved views and assign a default view, to pre-load each time they load their dashboard.

Drill-down and drill-out

The dashboard provides the big picture and the drill-down and drill-out features give users the interactive experience to see more data or take action.

Drill-down to any target report with all filters applied or pass data to any external URL (i.e. click a ticket number to launch into a help desk).

Create your own dashboard

No special permissions are needed to create dashboards in DashboardFox.

Users can favorite dashboards built by a central team or they can create their own dashboards. No technical expertise is needed.

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