Self-service scheduling or reports or dashboards

Users can schedule a snapshot of any document to be delivered to their email without needing help or any special permissions.

Data grids can be sent as inline HTML, Excel, PDF, or CSV and dashboards or visualizations are delivered as PNG files.

Build a distribution list

Want to share data with others? Add anyone with permission to view the document to your scheduled configuration.

DashboardFox will execute the report in the context of each user's data-level security and send them only what they should see.

Consolidate multiple documents in one email

Have an end of week or end of month package? Instead of having one email per document, consolidate them into a single email.

Set up a rule in your email system to filter by subject and you just created a historical archive of data snapshots.

Trigger Notifications

Want to know if a report has crossed a threshold? DashboardFox includes a scheduled frequency of minutes.

If there is no data in the report, DashboardFox will never send, but as soon as that threshold is crossed and data exists, you can get a notification as often as your frequency checks.

Contact us and let's discuss more about your use case

Questions? Let’s talk about your use case and see if DashboardFox is a fit.