DashboardFox an Alternative to Yurbi

Compare DashboardFox and Yurbi

Here is a quick overview of some of the key differences between DashboardFox and Yurbi

Yurbi - bring your data to life
Starts at $395 (one-time)
Starts at $24,000 per year (with a special startup/small business pricing option)
One-Time or Recurring Fee
One-Time Fee (buy once, use for life)
Subscription-Based (price repeats annually)
Interactive Dashboards
Scheduled Notifications
Codeless Report Building
Data-Level Security
Embedded For White Label Customer Use
Dynamic Single-Tenant Database Personas
In-Memory Cached Dashboards

From the same family

Both Yurbi and DashboardFox are from the 5000fish team, so each product has a great foundation and backed by a dedicated team for customer support.

DashboardFox is designed for internal use by small to mid-sized organizations whereas Yurbi is oriented toward Software Vendors looking for white label embedded BI platform and large enterprise organizations.

Perpetual vs Subscription Licensing

Although there are technical differences and limitations between the products, one of the more significant differences is the licensing model. DashbaordFox provides internal use organizations a pay once, use for life licensing model that is based on the number of concurrent sessions needed.

Yurbi offers more complex pricing models geared towards the needs of Software Vendors to make embedding of Yurbi easier within their software application.

Affordable, powerful reporting

The best option depends on your specific use case. Both DashboardFox and Yurbi bring a powerful ad-hoc and self-service business intelligence platform to the table.

Contact us to discuss which may be more appropriate for your use case if there are doubts.

Lower Cost of Ownership

A key focus of the shared framework of Yurbi and DashboardFox is the reduced cost of operations and maintenance.

The architecture, implementation, and administration is designed to be easy for organizations that do not have a large IT department and a huge cost saver for organizations that do have lots of IT resources.

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