DashboardFox an Alternative to Tableau Server

Compare DashboardFox and Tableau

Here is a quick overview of some of the key differences between DashboardFox and Tableau

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Tableau Server
Starts at $1500 for a concurrent license
Starts at $840 per year for 1 user with additional cost per user
One-Time or Recurring Fee
One-Time Fee (buy once, use for life)
Subscription-Based (price repeats annually)
Licensing Model
Concurrent Sessions Login License (can be any role, builder, admin, view-only and users share a pool of login sessions)
Per User License (with different pricing by role and different pricing in cloud vs on-premise)
Deployment Model
On-premise, fully behind your firewall
Can be on-premise or in the cloud
Data Visualizations
We have them but we're not going to pretend to compete against Tableau in this category
Over 130+ and they are the industry leader in this category
Data Prep
Codeless report builder to create data sets and blended data from multiple sources
Expects pre-prepared datasets
Datasource Connectors
MSSQL, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and ODBC compatible datasource and you can import Excel or CSV files
Large list of connectors from direct API integration, databases, and more
Interactive Dashboards
Yes, less features than Tableau but a leaner more intuitive interface
Yes, with lots of bells and whistles
Scheduled Notifications
Yes, out of the box
Via 3rd party tools and command lines
Data-Level Security
Yes, both row level and column level
Only row level

Tableau Is Expensive At Scale

Tableau is an affordable solution for a small team of data analysts, but to provide all the various licenses needed for a large team, it can be quite expensive.

DashboardFox has a simple, transparent price model. Pay once for concurrent session login licenses. Create users who can be any role (viewer, build, admin, or architect).

Self-Service BI versus Data Analysts

DashboardFox was designed from the ground up with non-technical business users in mind.

The most common thing Tableau organizations say when they see DashboardFox is they could never see replacing Tableau for their data analysts, but they can clearly see where DashboardFox is a better fit for data consumers/business users.

One-Time Cost versus Subscription Cost

With DashboardFox you pay for the software once and it’s yours to use. Plus with our concurrent session licensing model, you can provide dashboards and reports to as many users as you need.

While Tableau pricing starts at $840 per year for a single creator license and then you have to pay at least $420 for every viewer plus add-ons for power features.

Small Fish, Big Pond

Tableau was recently acquired by Salesforce, so who knows what the future will bring. But in general, Tableau is not going anywhere anytime soon. It’s a core focus of Salesforce and you have a multi-billion dollar corporation pouring tons of resources into it.

With DashboardFox you’re working with a bootstrapped company with ambitious plans, but the value to you, you’re a big fish in a small pond. Expect amazing support, responsiveness to adding the features you need into the product, and a company that gives you attention with a personal touch.

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