DashboardFox an Alternative to Sisense

Compare DashboardFox and Sisense

Here is a quick overview of some of the key differences between DashboardFox and Sisense

Yurbi - bring your data to life
Starts at $1500 for a concurrent license
Unknown but reportedly very expensive
One-Time or Recurring Fee
One-Time Fee (buy once, use for life)
Subscription-Based (price repeats annually)
Licensing Model
Concurrent Sessions Login License (can be any role, builder, admin, view-only and users share a pool of login sessions)
Per User, Per Role, Per Device (web vs moblie) License (with different pricing cloud vs on-premise)
Deployment Model
On-premise, fully behind your firewall
Can be on-premise or in the cloud
Interactive Dashboards
Cost of Deployment
Low, simple installation and maintenance
High, deployment of Elasti-cube and hardware resources require more effort and cost
Datasource Connectors
MSSQL, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and ODBC compatible datasource and you can import Excel or CSV files
Large list of connectors from direct API integration, databases, and more
Data Caching
No, DashboardFox does real-time queries from database
Yes, via Elasti-cube Sisense improves performance of big data
Data-Level Security
Yes, both row level and column level

Sisense Is Expensive

The thing that most people tell us when researching alternatives to Sisense is that Sisense is very expensive. That cost most likely comes from the $274 million they have raised from Venture Capitalists and their unique in-chip technology that handles big data extremely well.

But if you're not dealing with terabytes worth of data, DashboardFox provides a suitable option at a much lower cost for small to medium-sized businesses.

Simple Architecture

DashboardFox takes about 15 minutes to install and in less than an hour you can be connected to your database and starting to build reports. It is a true self-service BI platform that doesn't require a lot of technical expertise to use.

With Sisense, the implementation of their Elasti-cube or caching layer adds complexity which a lot of implementations stumble on. And that complexity also adds to additional operations and maintenance time and cost to keep things running and upgraded.

One-Time Cost versus Subscription Cost

With DashboardFox you pay for the software once and it’s yours to use. Plus with our concurrent session licensing model, you can provide dashboards and reports to as many users as you need.

WIth Sisense, while we don't know the exact cost, we've heard companies say in the range of $10,000 - $50,000 or more per year.

Support Matters

Sisense customers have reported to us that the implementation comes with a certain number of hours of support and after that, you must pay for more help. Most report it takes more time than provided in the initial quote. We've also been told more than once that Sisense salespeople have promised more than the technology can deliver.

DashboardFox includes 1 year of priority and upgrade support, and there's no limit to the help we provide. Even after the one year, you have unlimited community support (or you can renew your priority support). Either way, we have you covered.

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