DashboardFox an Alternative to Microsoft Power BI

Compare DashboardFox and Power BI

Here is a quick overview of some of the key differences between DashboardFox and Power BI

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Microsoft Power BI
Starts at $1500 for a concurrent license
Starts at $10 per month per user
One-Time or Recurring Fee
One-Time Fee (buy once, use for life)
Subscription-Based (price repeats annually)
Deployment Model
On-premise, fully behind your firewall
Hybrid on-premise and Azure cloud components required
Codeless Report Building
Yes with the ability to use native SQL functions for many use cases
Yes but requires learning propriety DAX scripting for many use cases
Datasource Connectors
MSSQL, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and ODBC compatible datasource and you can import Excel or CSV files
Large list of connectors from direct API integration, databases, and more
Interactive Dashboards
Yes, less features than Power BI but a leaner more intuitive interface
Yes, with lots of bells and whistles
Scheduled Notifications
Data-Level Security
Data Refresh
Always live direct queries for each dashboard or report execution
Support both on-demand and scheduled refreshes

Total Cost of Ownership

DashboardFox has a simpler architecture and a lower total cost of ownership compared to Power BI.

DashboardFox installs on a single Microsoft Windows Server and then all access is web-based, no desktop clients or apps downloads required.

Power BI has a lot of moving parts, including gateways to copy data to the Azure Cloud, Desktop publishers, Mobile Apps, Cloud Services and more.

The complexity adds to the cost of implementation but also the cost of operations in terms of keeping things up to the latest versions and troubleshooting issues.

Self-Service BI versus Technical User BI

DashboardFox was designed from the ground up with non-technical business users in mind.

The most common thing Power BI organizations say when they see DashboardFox is they can clearly see how the interface is more intuitive and easy for normal users.

Similar to Microsoft Excel, Power BI is an extremely powerful tool in the hands of a technical person, but for the average user it becomes another tool that requires a lot of training and help desk support to use properly.

One-Time Cost versus Subscription Cost

With DashboardFox you pay for the software once and it’s yours to use. Plus with our concurrent session licensing model, you can provide dashboards and reports to as many users as you need.

While Power BI pricing is only $10 per month per user, you’re paying per user and per month, forever. These costs along with the cost of ownership discussed above add up.

David versus Goliath

Although Microsoft has been known to abandon software from time to time, you don’t have to worry about Power BI going anywhere. It’s a core focus of Microsoft and you have a multi-billion dollar corporation pouring tons of resources into it.

With DashboardFox you’re working with a bootstrapped company with ambitious plans, but the value to you, you’re a big fish in a small pond. Expect amazing support, responsiveness to adding the features you need into the product, and a company that gives you attention with a personal touch.

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