DashboardFox an Alternative to Crystal Reports Server

Compare DashboardFox and Crystal Reports Server

Here is a quick overview of some of the key differences between DashboardFox and Crystal Reports Server

DashboardFox - bring your data to life
Crystal Reports Server
Starts at $1500 for a concurrent license
Starts at $1000 for only 1 named license, 5 concurrent license an addition $10,405
One-Time or Recurring Fee
One-Time Fee (buy once, use for life)
One-Time Fee (buy once, use for life)
Ease of Upgrades
Simple, 30 second process
Complicated from older versions, why many look for a new solution
Pixel Perfect Report Layout
No, except via API programming
Yes, the strength of Crystal Reports
Core Features
Interactive Dashboard, Share Document Library, Codeless Ad-Hoc Report Building, Data-Level Security, Scheduling, and Mobile Access
Automated Distribution of Report, Dashboards, and Data Exploration
Deployment Model
On-premise, fully behind your firewall
On-premise, fully behind your firewall
Desktop Components
No, fully 100% web-based
Yes, requires desktop components
Datasource Connectors
MSSQL, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and ODBC compatible datasource and you can import Excel or CSV files
Large list of connectors from direct API integration, databases, and more
Data-Level Security
Yes, both row level and column level

Self-Service BI vs. Legacy BI

DashboardFox was designed from the ground up as a modern, self-service BI platform. All features from administration to report building, to interacting with dashboards were built with business users in mind.

Crystal Reports is one of the original BI tools in the industry and was originally designed for technical developers. While they have added many self-service oriented features over the decades, the product is still very much a technical solution.

Total Cost of Operations

For smaller organizations (less than 10), the cost of DashboardFox and Crystal Reports are very similar. However, the purchase cost is just the tip of the iceberg.

Crystal Reports will require an additional level of cost for upgrades and maintenance, but primarily there will be a large cost in the technical skills needed to create and update reports.

Features and Roadmap

DashboardFox is a new and modern, actively developed BI platform. New features and fixes are added monthly and many updates come directly from our user community.

Crystal Reports Server is actively maintained, but as a much larger and established company, the pace of change is much less and their parent company is focused on alternate BI solutions and not continuing to be competitive with Crystal Reports.

Depends on Your Use Case

If you are looking for a solution to create a lot of static reports for printing purposes and have staff familiar with Crystal Reports, moving into the Crystal Reports Server probably makes sense for your organization. No other modern BI product has as much focus on pixel-perfect static reports than the originator of that concept, Crystal Reports.

If you are looking to move your users into a web-based set of reports, interactive dashboards, and self-service report building while reducing the need for skilled technical assistance, DashboardFox is the way to go.

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